BattlePass Values

Just like the wandering knight from the romantic literature, we too have a strict code of conduct that we ardently abide by, as well as a clear mission and vision. We believe that people should stick to certain values when starting a venture, to know what they are fighting for and how they'll behave on their road to success. So should we.

Our Mission

To be the trusted partner and 'the best friend' for founders who want to shorten their way to building a successful and impactful business.

In both our work and our lives we endeavor to achieve 'Philotimo', a beautiful concept originating and used by the ancient Greeks. It is composed of the two roots “filos”, which means friend, and “timi”, which means honor. Linguists find it hard to give an exact translation of this word, but it basically combines a plethora of noble feelings - pride in one's self, in one's family, and heritage and a desire to do the right thing. Not because of any gains whatsoever but because it is our duty.

The Values BattlePass stands by

1. Building companies brick by brick

We try to add and not to remove, we prefer to build and not to demolish. Our aspiration is to help individuals, teams, and companies grow and create by adding the missing bricks and by offering the helping hand that each entrepreneur and enterprise needs.

2. Warriorship means everything

Building a business is like engaging in a battle together. It establishes strong relationships and bonds that last. We stand beside the founders we work with and we try to help them learn, advance, and win faster.

3. We are here to stay

The BP team is aiming to improve the startup environment and to unlock new opportunities for founders. That is not something easy to achieve and we are aware of that. We are not looking for quick gains but for a long-term positive impact that will bring sustainable profits.

4. Courage is what makes a difference

It might look easy to start a venture but only the true founders know how hard it is actually to remain tenacious in your pursuit of success. It takes a lot of effort, sacrifice, and courage to engage fearlessly in the everyday battles that founders face.

5. Persistence is key

Where there is a will, there is a way - we do believe in that and we encourage founders and teams to never give up, never surrender. Because successful companies are forged during hard times and crises when extraordinary ideas and measures are applied.

6. We value balance

We ask for what we believe one deserves and we try to keep that balance between what's given and what should be taken for every stakeholder - from founders and investors to team members and strategic partners.

7. There’s a lesson in every failure

We know that not every venture leads to an exit nor every team will succeed in building a profitable business. Failure is part of the game and it should be considered as something that brings value to the people ready to learn from it. Because it is not shameful to fail, it is shameful not to try.

Our Code of Conduct


Always try to help and add value to any startup team, idea, and local ecosystem we interact with.


No bullshit talks, no bullying. Be always positive, friendly, and respectful.


No empty promises, better say ‘No’ when in doubt.


Protect the BP founders, advisors, and investors and their interests.


Be transparent without disclosing sensitive information.


Be honest, especially when the truth is difficult to tell/swallow.


Practice what we preach - the personal example is what identifies the true leader.

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