Multiverse Theater

Media & Advertising

Selfmade ID

Selfmade ID is a new type of media outlet combining the traditional print formats with the metaverse reality in which young generations live.



BrightStory helps advertisers and content creators engage their audiences through creative technology and mobile-first formats. In a nutshell - the team believes that immersive video formats, shoppable videos, and influencer driven content should be available among different platforms at an affordable price.



ArtForge is an indie game development studio that works on its first project - the game Realms of Eternity.

Media & Advertising

Stars Booster

Stars Booster is a Bulgarian influencer agency that is the link between brands and the youth’s favorite Internet celebrities.


Common Coolture

Common Coolture is a quiz application that provides users with engaging questionnaires and allows brands to promote themselves in an innovative way.



The company plans to create a new type of sustainable sneakers brand. They will provide not only the quality product manufactured with minimum to zero carbon footprint but also to change the way customers purchase and receive their shoes.


The first personalized dietologist and chef that collects information about one’s food preferences and personal goals to create customized diets & then adjust them accordingly.



Pleggi’s aim is to assess job applicants through a set of short online games that measure cognitive and personality traits



PlantSnap is a robust mobile application that identifies plants, flowers, trees, cacti, succulents, and fungi. Users simply need to snap a photo of the plant, and PlantSnap tells them what it is in seconds!


Vitesse Running

Vitesse Running is a state-of-the-art application made specifically for runners, presenting them with personalized workouts.



15toGO is a social travel app that allows users to find like-minded people according to the interests that they share. Together, they can book organized trips directly through the app's marketplace. All travelers are empowered to choose who they travel with before the tour takes place.



ffstars is a fantasy football game in which the users act as general managers of virtual professional football teams. They have the ability to choose their players among all the participants in a real football league. Points are based on the actual players’ performances in their real-world competitions.



Glowter is a community-driven platform that allows users to compete between each other as they play in different virtual rooms and make predictions about the outcome of football matches.


Nomad Players

Nomad Players is a gaming community for people sharing the same passion – eSports and video games. On the NP platform users can find useful articles, tips from other users, places, and hidden gems they should explore in their city or when traveling to major eSports events. There, they can go on gaming-themed trips together and partake in experiences, curated by their favorite streamers.


Stream Edge

Stream Edge is a service that provides gaming livestreamers advanced analytical reports about their performance as well as weekly updates on the trends in the Twitch ecosystem. It gives a competitive advantage and facilitates the growth of the broadcasters on the platform giving them the opportunity to accomplish their dream of being a successful livestreamer.

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