Why joining a startup is the best thing you can do?

We look not just for employees, but for Warriors to face the challenges ahead of us.

Finding the right co-founders and first employees should be the number 1 priority for any entrepreneur. That’s why BattlePass has developed a unique model based on psychological and practical assessments to assist founders in finding partners-in-crime with whom they can start the battle together.

Founders Matching

We help entrepreneurs and investors source candidates, evaluate their skill set and personality, but most importantly - see how people react and perform in real-work situations.

First 10 Employees

We know that the first employees are the ones who make the difference between success and failure. But startups need a constant influx of great hires that can fuel their growth and help them win the most important battles.
We follow our Warriors in their career development, we help them make the right choices, and grow not only as businessmen but as individuals.

How We hire

The Process


Battle 1: The BP Questionnaire

The first step is to introduce yourself not only as a professional, but as a person. It’s mandatory that you answer each question honestly and fully. Remember – there are no right or wrong answers! We believe that building a winning team is more about matching complementing personalities rather than having a particular skill set, so allow us to get to know you.

Battle 2: The Video

Based on the BP questionnaire and if we have a good fit for you, you’ll be invited to record a short video of yourself, your aspirations and more... The main goal? We want to give you the opportunity to really speak to us and introduce your personality into the game.

Battle 3: The Live Meeting

If there is chemistry between us we’ll schedule an interview at our offices or at another convenient location to further proceed with the selection process. We have a variety of questions, tasks, challenges, and a number of interviews depending on the position and the company we are working with.

Battle 4: The Real Deal & ‘BP Weekend’

When seeking to pair founders or aid in the recruitment process (in the start-up’s early stages), we require real work experience. Our observations and data help us test the initial assumptions on the founders’/teams’ compatibility. It might look like too much effort but believe us, starting in the wrong direction and with the wrong Warriors can cost a fortune in the future.
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