Co-founding Together

BattlePass Studio is designed to build companies brick by brick.

Core business model

BattlePass Studio is designed to build companies brick by brick. Our core business model is to co-found startups with entrepreneurs and visionary founders with a focus on the gaming and entertainment industries. That doesn’t mean we don’t work with companies in different sectors (learn more about our hybrid model). There are two ways to start a new venture with BattlePass - to invest in a founders’ idea or to build a company around a concept we have created internally.

Scenario 1: To invest in a founder or a team with an interesting idea in our target industries

When we find the right team matching our long-term vision and mindset we offer our expertise and support, capital, and additional services such as workspace, software, and other solutions, provided by our partners.
In this case, our startup studio takes between 10% and 40% in company equity. We might receive it in portions based on our performance when reaching certain predefined milestones. Our main goal is to prepare the company for Seed investment and we stay with the company founders till series B at least.


The BattlePass Team has extensive experience in building companies in various sectors - from Mobile apps, Marketplaces and Media to SaaS companies. We gather together game developers, artists, product designers, and eSport entrepreneurs. But our core investment focus in the Gaming & Entertainment industries does not mean that we are looking to build games. We rather prefer infrastructure projects that can serve the game publishers, event organizers and the streaming community. Of course we would like to work on customer facing products targeting the billions of players around the world too. As a venture builder, we are convinced that believe the Gaming industry is underserved and there is space for the visionary entrepreneurs to flourish.

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