Invest with BattlePass

BattlePass Studio is working together with experienced entrepreneurs on some of the most promising startups in the region. By utilizing the BP Network of advisors, companies, and strategic partners we set up a model of quick concept validation and market approach giving us the opportunity to build the ventures of tomorrow.

How we invest

An important part of this model is to allow different stakeholders to join in the new ventures by backing them early on. Those include:
- Software development companies ready to invest working hours to build the MVP
- Product and marketing partners helping the team reach its objectives
- Investors who are providing vital capital from the very beginning.

Since we often develop the startups from the ground up, the first round typically ranges between €50,000 and €150,000.

Our firm belief is that not just institutional investors, but anyone should have the opportunity to partake in the building of the future - and from having the chance to profit from it.
Be sure to join us on our quest to create highly scalable ventures that anyone would be proud to have in their investment portfolio.

What you get when you invest with BattlePass

Highly-curated tech startups

As part of the workflow, we have introduced business diagnostic assessment tools that we use whenever a startup reaches out to us. If we decide that the project has some potential, we get in touch with the founders and conduct a series of meetings, both virtual and onsite. In the end, we shake hands with only a few of them.

Preferential treatment

You get access to our close circle and you can call us any time of the day. We treat you not only as business partners but as close friends who can always count on us.

Regular updates on the startup development

You will not have to ask, we will keep you posted, no matter what. You will be informed about all of the accomplishments and all of the obstacles that are part of the startups’ journeys.

Access to a Network of professional investors

Money goes to money. You will be able to connect with, learn from, and (hopefully) partner with a number of investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios. Some of them will have invested in the same startups as you, so your interests will be most definitely aligned.

Opportunity for great long-term returns

Startups are high risk, high reward investment. Not all of them will become immensely successful and recognizable - but those that do could multiply the money you’ve put in. One of Battlepass’ primary objectives is making sure that the founders relocate their resources in the best way possible, which significantly reduces the risk of failure due to extensive burn rate. All the funds are utilized wisely so that the financial projections are met and the venture reaches its full potential.
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