Work From Anywhere - The First BattlePass Camp to Take Place in Sozopol, Bulgaria

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Viktor Dessov
March 2, 2021

The New Norm

Home offices have been becoming the new norm for a while now. Employers everywhere have seen how their staff is able to meet all the objectives from the comfort of their living room (or any other room for that matter) without any negative impact on their mental health. It is only natural that the ability to work from anywhere expands to other areas of life as well - more specifically, vacations. Unplugging from work entirely may be an easy task to interns and employees, but true entrepreneurs, managers and business owners cannot afford that luxury. In fact, most of them are so used to hustling that being disconnected from their endeavors for a long period of time could lead to more stress for them.

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Co-working Camps

This is where co-working camps come in - combining leisure with productivity. People can now enjoy the beach and their Piña Colada while answering emails on their laptops or participating in group calls. Even more importantly, they are surrounded by like-minded creators and entrepreneurs who have set their goals just as high as them. Thus, networking becomes a part of the recreational process. Imagine being able to brainstorm ideas together with peers without the pressure of deadlines or pressing meetings. It is a great environment for creativity to flourish.

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Tripsy Club, together with BattlePass Studio and Work & Share are offering you just that, mixing work with leisure by inviting you to Sozopol - a picturesque town located by the Black Sea. The crew behind Work & Share has created and is running one of the most amazing co-working spaces in Bulgaria. Tripsy.Club on the other hand has been among the recognizable brands in the country when it comes to group traveling combined with partying. Together, these teams will put together a truly unforgettable experience, proving that fun and hustle can intertwine when you work from anywhere.

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Our trip to Sozopol will allow you to not only meet fascinating people but also recharge your batteries! You can drop by and meet some of the people who are driving forward the local startup ecosystem. Relax, do some work and enjoy your time - our team will make sure you don’t miss the best day and night at some of the top beach clubs.

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