About the Company

ArtForge is an indie game development studio that works on its first project - the game Realms of Eternity.

Live Project

About the first Game of the Studio

The game hosts a dark and terrible, ancient world in a gothic environment that morphs from one to another in real-time.  Players fight each other in a close melee-weapon-range combat while solving puzzles with teammates and using spells that affect not only the in-game avatar, but also the player behind the screen. As they play, the gamers gather or buy unique collectables, called NFTs, which they can choose to own or sell to other gamers for real money.

Key Features

  • 4-6 Classes - each having a unique fighting style
  • 1 Battleground - a small, enclosed battle arena
  • 2-3 Order Halls - where the characters live

The game wants to transform World of Warcraft’s Battlegrounds / Arenas from Spell-casting fights to Close Combat fights.

The combat will inherit the entire spectrum of the fight characteristics ranging from God of War easy fight style to Bloodborne hard fight style.

The team is small but super dedicated to their goal - to create a one of a kind gameplay and a mechanic that motivates the players to play and achieve more. BattlePass Studio joins the company in the very early stages and one of our key goals is to help the founders find passionate co-founders and team members that can help them step up their game.

Already raised

Self Funded

Looking to raise
The company is planning a very interesting fundraising approach tapping the crowdfunding opportunities combined with angel investors and strategic partners that can bring domain knowledge and value. Next funding round: $200-$300k.