About the Company

BrightStory helps advertisers and content creators engage their audiences through creative technology and mobile-first formats. In a nutshell - the team believes that immersive video formats, shoppable videos, and influencer driven content should be available among different platforms at an affordable price.

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About the Company

We develop software tools that create authentic connections between businesses and their users. All through the power of video and interactive experiences.

Key Features:

  • Web Stories - They allow you to feature videos, photos,audio, 360 experiences,animations, quizzes, live streaming and many more.
  • Distribute Web Stories as Native Ads - Web stories are fast-loading full-screen experiences. They are lightning fast so that your audience stays engaged and entertained.
  • Landing Pages - You can distribute visual mobile first landing pages on social media, SMS,emails, display andnative ads, app notifications, QR codes and more. Basically any place your customer is.
  • Shoppable Videos - Like “QVC on steroids,” live video provides a powerful sales channel that allows brands to leverage influencers and celebrities to showcase their products, tell compelling brand stories, and interact with potential buyers in real time. Live video in China brought in about $125 billion in 2020, up from $63 billion in 2019.
  • Self-Served Platform - we introduce the most simple platform for building rich, tap-through storytelling experiences, specifically designed for the mobile web.

The founding team and the international advisory team have extensive experience in the adtech field working on multiple projects around the world. The company has its own technology unit that builds the platform.

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