About the Company

The first personalized dietologist and chef that collects information about one’s food preferences and personal goals to create customized diets & then adjust them accordingly.

Live Project
October 15, 2020

About the Company
A project that aims to launch the first personalized dietologist and chef. By collecting information about one’s food preferences/restrictions, health data, height, and body weight, it will be able to create customized diets & then adjust them accordingly. It also offers to integrate flexible delivery options as clients will have greater flexibility over how the meal reaches them - including the option to eat it out in a restaurant, without having their social habits disrupted.

The concept has been polished and developed in-house. We are currently working on the MVP, while simultaneously creating the network of restaurants necessary for the launch of the project.

Key features

  • Tailor-made meals  
  • Feedback loop
  • Time flexibility 
  • Location flexibility 
  • Ability to scale for the demand


The team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs. Its CEO, George Stoyanov, has worked for Chronicle, Uber, and Microsoft, allowing him to learn how to scale a company’s team and processes. Another important part of the team is Elena Filipova, who’s behind the creation of RoyalNature - a company offering all-day and lunch menus for people who want to eat and live in a healthy manner.

Looking to raise
The team is looking to raise €200 000 at a €2M valuation. The money will be primarily used for R&D and marketing.