Multiverse Theater

About the Company

Live Project
Multiverse Theater
February 14, 2022

MVT is the first project that combines community-created and curated NFT collections, influenced by and bonded with physical artifacts and antiques.

  • Tangible verified antiques will be exhibited in a specially created online Gallery and Private Club in London.
  • All antiques are made available for creators that propose their interpretations of the physical object that inspires the certain collection.
  • The top 100 artworks selected via randomized and anonymized voting are minted as NFTs in a collection.
  • Only one of the winning artworks is legally bonded with the ownership of the artifact and minted as an NFT, with a possible fractionalization in a series of 10/100.

Multiverse Theater (MVT) is a project of Apollo Galleries - one of the fastest-growing online auction houses and Galleries in London [1]:

  • With a 20,000 strong client database.
  • Internationally recognized with its customer base originating from 70 countries, including private museums, institutions, collectors, and scholars.
  • Apollo’s private collections are valued at over 10 million GBP.
  • Founded by Dr. Ivan Bonchev (BA, Mst, DPhil University of Oxford) in 2010, Apollo Galleries specialties include Ancient Roman, Greek, Asian, Egyptian, Medieval, Viking, and Neolithic art.

BattlePass Studio initiated the concept and the overall company setup and team formation. We partner with ReCheck for the product development and the blockchain technology. Daniel Mitev joins the company as Creative Director.