Nomad Players

About the Company

Nomad Players is a gaming community for people sharing the same passion – eSports and video games. On the NP platform users can find useful articles, tips from other users, places, and hidden gems they should explore in their city or when traveling to major eSports events. There, they can go on gaming-themed trips together and partake in experiences, curated by their favorite streamers.

Live Project
Nomad Players
January 15, 2020

Key features

  • Registration
  • User Profile
  • Content upload
  • Directory
  • Articles
  • Marketplace


The Nomad Players founders have successfully attracted some of the top designers from the gaming industry and they have already established connections with the organizers of the major eSports events taking place in Europe. Their vast network within the gaming community has granted them access to well-known streamers, gamers, and tournament promoters - which in turn has allowed them to prepare for a notable launch of their products.

Already raised

Nomad Players is in a pre-seed stage and it has so-far been primarily funded by its founders.