Stars Booster

About the Company

Stars Booster is a Bulgarian influencer agency that is the link between brands and the youth’s favorite Internet celebrities.

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Stars Booster

About the Company

Stars Booster is a Bulgarian influencer agency whose influencers have more than 2 million subscribers on Instagram in total, over 1 million on Facebook and almost half a million on Tik Tok. They take care of selecting the right influencer for your needs and then communicating with them throughout the whole process. What makes this company innovative is the fact that besides working with already established Internet celebrities, they also ‘create’ them, helping them find their niche, polish their image and discover the right tone of voice. The agency has already launched successful campaigns in the past for brands such as Credissimo, Evedo and Sexwell.

Key Features

  • Selection of influencers
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Performance Marketing
  • Administration
  • Report and optimization
  • Influencer training

The team behind Stars Booster has been among the pioneers of influencer marketing in the region. Their understanding of the social media apps such as Tik Tok has allowed them to be one step ahead of their competitors for years.

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