About the Company

The company plans to create a new type of sustainable sneakers brand. They will provide not only the quality product manufactured with minimum to zero carbon footprint but also to change the way customers purchase and receive their shoes.

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ZeroWave’s Manifesto

“We, humans, tend to believe we love and value our planet.  But we also admire what every single one of us can create and buy in order to express our personality. And there is a big doubt - can we stand out from the crowd without harming mother nature?
Can we wear the shoes and clothes we love without making compromises with our goals to preserve what was given to us, what has created and sustained us as species?
We are the ZeroWaveres, the visionaries that set foot on the new way of creating and wearing sustainable shoes. We do not harm the most important asset we all love - Earth’s nature. We need pure fashion, recyclable, with zero footprint and zero waste of what we need to exist. We express and stand for our own way of seeing things, for our personality, beliefs, and what we want to achieve.The ZeroWave of the change is here with the builders of the new world, the ones that will get rid of the “full of crap” fashion and get back to the zero point of nature’s equilibrium.”

The team behind ZeroWave is nothing less but impressive. It’s a corporate spin off from one of the leading shoe manufacturers in the Eastern Europe Ingiliz that works not only on its own brand but on multiple global contracts. The company has one of the first in Europe manufacturing lines for biodegradable shoes.

Already raised

Self Funded

Looking to raise
The company is still in the research phase, expected investment round in Q1-Q2 2022.