10 Reasons to Join a Startup

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Viktor Dessov
January 18, 2019

he word ‘startup’ evokes mixed feelings in today’s society. While some consider this a suicidal attempt to get rich fast, others see the numerous advantages of becoming a part of such a venture. Here’s our take on why everyone should seriously consider the option of joining a newly established business.

1. Great learning experience

Theory can be helpful but it can never beat practice - and you accumulate a vast amount of knowledge in a short amount of time when working side by side with entrepreneurs. Starting with laying the foundations of a business, going through the recruitment process, and then dipping your toes in the actual product creation, customer acquisition, etc. It’s better than University in almost every way.

2. Expanding your network

The startup communities are usually extremely open to newcomers and casual introductions are happening all the time. You never know who you may come across at your new workplace or at the startup meetups you go to - an expert in your field, a potential investor, or someone you can build your dream company with someday.

3. Being constantly supported

Other founders are more than keen on helping you resolve any issues you may have. The reasons for this altruism are simple - they can put themselves in your shoes since they’ve been down the road you’ve taken and they also know that someday you may return the favor.

4. Gateway to your own startup

Thinking of starting your own company, but being wary about your lack of experience? Then join a startup! You can see for yourself what pitfalls you need to be cautious about without taking too many financial risks in the meantime. Always make sure to surround yourself with people who have walked down the path you’ve chosen as well. Furthermore, your current colleagues might turn out to be a part of your upcoming startup or could at least guide you in the future.

5. Being inspired

Startup founders are more often than not really big dreamers who know how to ignite the people around them. Not only do they envision the world of tomorrow and aspire to make it come into being but they are capable of communicating this clearly with everyone else. Spending time in the presence of such individuals can be really inspiring as their enthusiasm is quite contagious.  

6. You can have an actual impact

Changing the world for the better is something lots of (especially young!) people yearn for. Most startups can actually reshape the technology landscape as we know it which in turn has a visible effect on society. Studies have proven time and time again that having a higher purpose in your professional life leads to greater job satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

7. Get positions you are unqualified for

You haven’t majored in business management at the University yet you are being offered to run a company’s business development department? This is absolutely within the realm of possibility when joining a startup. Still, you should keep in mind that this so-called department might consist of 2-3 people who share the same experience as you and that you’ll need to learn on the go. Nevertheless, it’s always a great addition to your CV.

8. Grow Faster

Why take years to slowly climb up the corporate ladder of some company when you can actually reach senior positions a lot faster in a startup? The fact that you are an integral part of the core team will most likely grant you your executive spot in the future. The chances of reaching it in a company the size of Intel for example are next to impossible.

9. Build your own way of doing stuff

Since processes are not thoroughly established yet and you are granted greater flexibility, you can actually set the way you’d like to work. It’s up to you whether you’d code at night (in case you’re a night owl), do spreadsheets from the comfort of your home, join team meetings in pajamas, or take your pet at work - if everyone is okay with it, of course. After all, startups aim to disrupt not just industries but office protocols as well.

10. Own what you build

It is a common practice in such ventures to remunerate the employees (especially the first ones) with company shares. Considering the chances of it becoming a multi-million dollar business, that 1% you own of the company may turn out to be a small fortune at the end of the day. And this is just another incentive for you to put your heart and soul into your work.

Naturally, not all startups are the same - some offer a better work environment or are more likely to reach breakeven than others. This is where BattlePass Studio can step in and help you with your decision-making. We can get you into the venture that would match both your needs and capabilities. Our portfolio consists of thoroughly evaluated teams and businesses that have a great potential of reaching the ambitious goals they’ve set.

One of the benefits when joining a BP startup is that we will keep up with your career development and get to know you better. That might be an advantage when pitching us your next big idea.

Let’s start the conversation - drop us a line and let us know what you seek.

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