Pleggi - Revealing the Potential of Every Job Candidate

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Viktor Dessov
January 30, 2021

1. Can you tell us what Pleggi is?

Pleggi is a gamified pre-selection assessment tool. Its aim is to evaluate job applicants through a set of short online games that measure cognitive and personal characteristics such as operational efficiency, adaptability, multitasking, attention to detail, impulsivity and more. The collected behavioral data is used to match the best candidates with employers. This plug-and-play solution provides employers with selection and management tools to improve the efficiency and performance of recruitment professionals. Our product seeks to reduce the subjectivity of pre-selection decisions currently based mainly on candidates' CVs and not so much on their skills, true potential and to what extent they actually fit for the certain position.

2. How did you come up with the idea of it?

Starting as a student project, we managed to qualify for the finals of the annual competition of JA Bulgaria and won the prize - ''Best student company in Bulgaria for 2018''. We were also awarded the ''Go Digital'' award, which the ''A1'' company presents to the best and most innovative technological projects. This gave us the confidence to continue growing in order to create something useful for both job seekers and businesses. In 2019 we became finalists of the ''Rinker Youth Challenge 2019'', which strongly provoked us to delve into the project, to do even more analysis and to think from all points of view. We received support from many schools and dozens of companies that responded to our need for feedback, gave guidance and were this human array for the validation of our first working prototype. At the end of 2020 we became part of the portfolio of the first startup studio in Bulgaria - ''BattlePass'', which for us was the next level in development.

3. How did you build your team?

Building a team was a difficult undertaking in the beginning due to the many aspects of the project, the necessary knowledge and skills. Step by step and through a lot of feedback we understood what the project needed as a team. It was only a matter of time before we asked for recommendations from close colleagues from the university, friends and acquaintances, thanks to whom we could create a core team composed of specialists. After having brought together the team, we realized we must also unite in a common goal. Openness, honesty, stimulated opinion, offering ideas, and their implementation, the involvement of everyone in the team is our secret to making each member feel important and indispensable.

banner of pleggi app, powered by battlepass studio

4. What makes your product unique?

Our platform will provide an opportunity for selection not only on the basis of a CV, but on behavioral data used for matching top job candidates with employers.

5. What are your future plans for Pleggi?

A tool like Pleggi can be improved and built upon a lot. Whether we decide to evaluate more soft skills through additional games or try to partner with other evaluation solutions, or even ones that measure hard skills, the sky is the limit. It is important for us to solve business problems while at the same time having a duty to those who are looking for work, some sort of development, or aiming to change career courses. We see companies using our tool for training, staff development, employee reorientation and career growth. Outside of the internal company HR use, we will be happy to partner with job board platforms that see our value as an opportunity to improve their value to companies and job seekers. Step by step! The important thing is to have a clear and focused vision!

6. Are you currently fundraising?

We are currently in a phase where we need funding, so that we can focus all of our energy in one direction - Pleggi. We have achieved a lot! We are currently investing as much energy as we can in the project and we know that with funding we can improve even more.

7. How is BattlePass helping you achieve your objectives?

They are like an older brother to us - experts who have walked the walk. They are helping us build the right product, optimize our processes in order to achieve sustainable growth over time. In two words, they guide us and tell us if we deviate from the right path. Of course, we can't miss mentioning the contacts and funding opportunities that BattlePass provides. Now that we are working together, the possibilities are becoming clearer and greater. We believe that success awaits us together!

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