The BattlePass Network and How it Works for Startups and Advisors

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Startup founders face a variety of challenges and problems in their everyday operations. Most of those are solvable through hard effort and persistence, some are easy to get through with external help, but there are a few ones, the most important ones, that can change the course of the company and make the difference between failure and success. These questions are often so hard and important to answer that they need to be thoroughly discussed with entrepreneurs and professionals who have already been there.

However, you cannot expect a craftsman to simply sell his craftsmanship to you. You need to incentivize him to teach you all that he’s learned throughout the years. In most cases, those people are not there only for the money and you can’t just pay them to buy their time. They would rather join forces with you to co-create the story of your company. Therefore, the better way to incentivize them is by sharing a part of the business with them. We give them a solid reason to push and work as this is their company too and this way they have “skin in the game”.

This is why we have created the BattlePass Advisory and Business Network and the unique model it utilizes. The BP Network provides a framework to help startups not only connect with people that can help them get to the next level of the game but also establish a long-term connection.

On the other side, it gives a better business model for advisors and companies that are ready to contribute in the very early stages of a startup.

Ever since conceiving the idea of a startup studio, we have been keen on providing a crucial benefit - granting the entrepreneurs we work with access to this formidable network. It consists of carefully preselected companies and individuals that are capable of adding the most value to the ventures we engage with.

The key expertise and services the BP Network provides are in the fields of:

  • Strategic Consulting regarding the market, the product, the business model, the go-to-market strategy, etc.
  • Branding and Product Design
  • Technology
  • Marketing, Growth-Hacking, Content Creation, and PR
  • Data Analytics 
  • Talent Management 
  • Operations including legal, finance and accounting 
  • Security 
  • Fundraising and Partnerships

How The BP Network Works

 BattlePass operates as a cooperative that different advisors and companies can join. The idea behind this concept is to guarantee the constant influx of specialists and teams ready to work alongside our startups. 

When an advisor or a company works with a BP startup we apply certain “rules of engagement”. In a nutshell - we are setting up the communication process, the reporting model, as well as the billing and the payments for each partnership. 

The most important part of those ‘rules of engagement’ is our hybrid incentive model that includes cash payments and future debt represented by what we call ‘coins’. These coins can later be exchanged either for cash or for BP company shares when the time for remuneration comes. 

Selecting the right specialists to partake in the project development is done through the continuous communication between the venture team and its BattlePass Captain. The BP captain is the studio’s representative who works closely with a BattlePass project from day One. This person is responsible not only for managing the direction in which the venture is going and for connecting its team to the right experts at the right time but is also constantly monitoring and analyzing its overall performance. Depending on the business’ stage he or she can recommend the most appropriate advisors that can help it reach its goals.

At the end of the day, the BP network advisors/companies can acquire shares in the BattlePass studio (around 25% of the company are to be distributed in the following 5 years) and potentially in the startups they work with depending on their engagement and performance.

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