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Viktor Dessov
January 15, 2021

Among the projects BattlePass Studio has been tirelessly working on is Vitesse Running - an AI virtual coach for runners preparing them for the next big running event. It allows users to achieve their running goals by assigning them workouts that are personalized specifically for them. The app’s aspiration is to provide the people who run with top-notch data in order to enhance their training. Such impressive results are possible thanks to the algorithms that remove all the unnecessary data from the GPS and the pedometer sensors. This way only the best from both sources is taken into consideration. 

User Journey

Everything starts with a seamless user experience. From the very beginning, people who’ve downloaded the app are asked to put in their height, age, and weight as these parameters are crucial. Once they have recorded their first runs, the algorithms assess the required target pace and heart rate to reach the goals they’ve set ahead of themselves. Best of all, the more the user trains, the more these advanced algorithms adjust to the particular needs and capabilities, giving the best possible improvement tips afterwards. Currently, there are 6,3 thousand users, of which 3,3 thousand actively take advantage of the AI running coach every month. By now they have run over 44 thousand kilometers (more than the length of the Earth’s equator)!

Working With The Pros

image 1100 x 1100 pixels of woman runner - Militsa
Militsa Mircheva

In order to truly set a new standard in the world of running apps, some well-established professionals in the field have been involved in the creation of the training routines. We are talking about Militsa Mircheva and Yolo Nikolov, both of whom are actual Olympians and who help the users become the best running versions of themselves. Militsa is a national records holder for Bulgaria and the first Bulgarian woman to ever finish a marathon at the Olympic Games. Yolo is an athletic trainer whose apprentices have won more than 50 titles from national and European long-distance competitions.

Training Plans

Unlike Vitesse Running, the other apps on the market offer pre-fixed training plans that don’t actually take into consideration the runners’ skills. The app’s AI coach is fixing this common issue by adapting the training plan to the runner’s schedule. If you skip a workout, the plan for the next few days will be auto-generated based on your past workouts. The team behind the project understood that what users really need is a more sophisticated training program. It should include easy runs, walkings, fast runs, recoveries, etc. 

Target Users

Vitesse Running can prepare its users for 5K runs, 10K runs, half-marathons, and marathons by providing them with exhaustive day-to-day instructions on how to train. However, the target-users are not simply athletes (they have entire staffs working for them anyway) but everyone who loves running - including the less experienced or those who just want to get into better shape. That’s why there is also a ‘Beginners’ section for everyone who just started doing laps around the block. Since it was designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, different units of calorie burn measurements have been implemented - such as burgers (600 cal), beer (210 cal), doughnuts (240 cal), etc. This way the running routines can become even more fun!

The next step that the team has set ahead on the roadmap is the development and integration of a running event platform, which would allow marathon organizers to reach runners more easily, increase ticket sales, and amplify profit. This should turn the mobile application into a one-stop solution for everyone who wants to take their hobby to the next level.

The Team Behind The Dream

image of a hand cardio device
The app is compatible with smart watches

The entire project, from the initial concept to the final product, has been developed by Appolica. The company has been actively involved in every single stage of the production, working on the code, the visuals, etc. The Appolica team has had plenty of experience with the development of software products for external parties, but this is the first app that they have created internally from end to end. Furthermore, the team has self-funded the project and is about to enter its first investment round.

So-far, BattlePass has helped the Vitesse Running co-founders (Ralitsa Ivanova, Martin Markov, Deyan Genovski) with several of the crucial aspects of the business development process - including extensive market research, defining the best business model for them, preparing the team for fundraising, etc. Through understanding the competition’s strengths and weaknesses we’ve been able to outline the best niches in which the app can expand. We are more than confident that the project has the potential to become recognizable worldwide!

Feel free to download and check out the Vitesse Running app for iOS or for Android!

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