Branding, UX & UI, and Marketing Support for the social traveling app 15toGO

About the Project

15toGO is a social travel app that allows users to MATCH with like-minded people to go on adventures with, BOOK trips hassle-free, and TRAVEL for less.

Live Project
March 2019


We started working on a mobile app UX & UI for both iOS and Android. We have developed 2 websites - one for the initial fundraising campaign and the product one.

But first things first - we have developed unique branding materials and a visual concept that leave a lasting impression. We crafted a custom font and we embedded the heart as the main symbol of the brand.

There are three key features the app has and we have tried to emphasize on them in the key communication through the catchy slogan - Match. Book. Travel.

People can Match with other travelers, Book directly on the 15toGO Marketplace, and Travel together.

The app has quick introduction screens and easy-to-use navigation. There are 5 main icons in the bottom menu for the key sections and features. The user profile and the additional left navigation are available from the upper left corner or with left swipe-up for Android users. The notification system is situated in the upper right corner.

We have created simple and intuitive filters and selection panels when choosing a trip or searching for new friends.

The Traveler’s profile is one of the most visually appealing screens and features enabling users to share the countries they have already visited, their bucketlist, and memories from past trips.

The website - mobile and desktop version - is focused on the tour offers and the marketplace. The social functionalities are limited to user profile browsing. The booking process is specifically designed for group tours deals with attention to all the details which are relevant to most travelers.

The BattlePass team worked on the marketing campaigns and on the additional visual materials that represented the 15toGO brand. We created a unique set of stickers that we used on Instagram, reaching more than 5M impressions in the first 60 days.

We have created an animated video explaining the app and a promo video with live footage from a sponsored trip for top travel influencers - the first 15toGO brand ambassadors. We have developed a unique set of merchandise materials - t-shirts, hats, and towels that turned out to be the perfect tool for brand awareness.

We worked on the launch campaign - a huge giveaway campaign that ended up with more than 13k registered users, 20+ uploaded pictures, and hundreds of bookings.

If you need a hand with your branding, product design, and marketing don’t hesitate to arrange a call with us.

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