ffstars Rebranding and Product Design

About the Project

ffstars is a fantasy football game where players can choose their own football teams. Unlike traditional betting where everyone plays against the house, in fantasy sports people play against each other. They score points depending on their players performance in the real matches.

Live Project
April 2020

ffstars has a vibrant and active community that loves football and loves to play fantasy games. We wanted to create an easy to use website that can be used frequently on the mobile devices of each fan. We started with rebranding the old logo with a more clean and symbolic sign for the brand.

The next step was to start with the website design and our mobile-first approach gave amazing results. Together with the ffstars team we crafted more than 60 screens in less than two months. We delivered the key screens and user flow in less than 15 days to speed up the development process and work alongside the dev team testing the interactions and the design implementation.

The next step was to design the desktop version following the already existing stilistic and logic. As a result we managed to deliver an exciting and powerful tool for any sports fan ready to challenge friends and colleagues to play the game together.

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