Rebranding, UX & UI, and Product Development of the first of its kind football predictions app

About the Project

Glowter is a football prediction game that allows users to play against friends, fans, and celebrities. Their unique social model and score formation system attract and retain players who love the game, as well as competitions.

Live Project
March 2020

Step One - Rebranding

Our first meeting with Glowter’s team was very fruitful for both sides. We managed to unite around our first goal - to improve the Glowter visual presentation and branding. We agreed upon the “glitch” which inspired a symbolic and easy-to-read main font.

Step Two - Next Level UX and Product Design

The BattlePass team worked on the user interface with a clear goal - to simplify the users’ interactions with the product and to make the app seamless  for the majority of the football fans to use. We started with a small focus group of 5 new users and we received some clear feedback about the way we needed to structure the app and the user flow. There are now only 3 simple steps to jump into the game - Choose your favourite championships, Pick a room, Make your predictions.

We designed more than 60 screens for both Mobile and Desktop. The project took us approximately 45 days to complete.

We delivered the first prototype to the dev team in 15 days so we could speed up the process and work simultaneously on the design and development. We had a test version in no time and we started user testing to collect feedback immediately.

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