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Why choose BP?

The BattlePass venture builder is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry professionals working with some of the top startup companies in the region. We have all struggled with the daily issues that each founder faces. Having gone through this journey, we are ready to stand by our teams and help them engage in the battle fully armed and prepared to:

★ Build The Right Product
★ Optimize Their Operations
★ Raise The Necessary Funding
★ Boost Sustainable Growth


We know your business is your fortress and wе’ll help you build it stronger to withstand any blow

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e have developed a universal and easy-to-implement approach to startups in different stages and industries. BattlePass provides the must-have knowledge, expertise, and skills that founders require in order to survive. And we do it as a team member, not as an outsider consultant.

Starter Pack

Save yourself an immense amount of time and money trying to figure out whether your business idea is solid and what the best strategy to realize it is. BattlePass will not only thoroughly analyze and polish your concept but will help you turn it into reality as soon as possible.

Product Wrap-up

Friends, families and fools tend to invest only on your good word and a brief description of your idea. Angel investors and especially VC funds need more convincing. You have to put in more effort in the product development and you need to actually show how it is going to work and feel for your potential customers. With the ‘Product wrap-up’ package you raise your chances of closing your next funding round by improving your product concept & presentation and by reaching a deeper understanding about the unit economics of your business.

Tech Assistance

Not everyone has a tech guru in their team, we are aware of that - and not only because it’s hard to encounter such people but also because they’re way too expensive. No worries, we can get rid of this headache of yours by appointing you the tech advisors and developers that every startup founder desperately needs.


Unfortunately for most entrepreneurs fundraising can be excruciatingly difficult and time-consuming. Founders often find themselves going into hundreds of meetings, sending thousands of cold emails only to find themselves at the same spot they started off from - without closing a single investment deal. That’s where BattlePass steps in as our team has a track record of establishing connections and closing funding rounds from various types of investors. Not only do you need to be thoroughly prepared but you also need the right network - and we can help with both.

Growth Navigator

Once you find your Product Market Fit you'll need to scale fast and do it smart. It is scary to understand that even rapid growth can be a reason for a startup failure. Our job is to help you expand your operations and to reach new markets without taking additional risks and unsafe bets.

Operations Booster

In our practice we’ve been astonished to find out how a tiny mistake in the legal foundations, bookkeeping or accounting can cost the company literally a fortune. Startup decision making, ownership rights, Intellectual property protection, tax configuration, and other important topics are way too complex to be solved internally.
How We Work

Our Process


Get in touch

No matter what stage of the business development process you are at, don't hesitate to contact us by filling in the questionnaire we have prepared for you.

Meet the BP Captains

Let's meet! We believe there should be a fit between us before we start working together. An experienced BattlePass Captain will be assigned to you to guide you throughout the entire process and will act as your team member. He or she will actively advise you and will have your back even in the most difficult moments.

Let’s join the battle together!

It’s time to work hard and face the challenges together. Our goal is to help you pick the right battles, win against the competition, and deliver the best performance for your clients & stakeholders.

Managing the growth

We have developed our own reporting system that allows us to monitor the startups’ performance, facilitate the fundraising, and provide you with invaluable insights.

Extending your network

Get access to experts, advisors, potential investors, and strategic partners that will help you step up your game. At the end of the day, we are the best friends a founder can hope for.

BattlePass Network

Martin Kadinov
Value generation is a result of mindfully applied practical knowledge. BP has a versatile team of doers, that might not always have the right answer ready, but have the experience to design processes that produce them. Success is a result of a system that generates more right than wrong decisions. BP strives to resolve precisely that.
Angel Angelov
BP adds value to pre-product companies through its network of experienced advisors and the service infrastructure that hit the spot
George Stoyanov
BattlePass bridges the noticeable gap, that most companies experience, between product market fit and go to market. It helps setting the right distribution strategy and scale it up.
Peter Lozanov
The synergy between the BattlePass captains, startup teams, advisors, and network companies is amazing.
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